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2024 Summer Programs: Girls Who Code Announces Application Date


Summer is (almost) here, and that means now is the perfect time to stay tuned to Girls Who Code’s 2024 Summer Programs. Whether a coding novice or an advanced programmer, Girls Who Code's free Summer Programs offer opportunities for high school girls and non-binary students of all experience levels, with the application set to open on January 18th.


Summer Immersion Program

Young people interested in game design and connecting with coders nationwide will find an immersive, two-week experience in the Summer Immersion Program (SIP). Learning in live virtual classrooms, SIP students have the support of dedicated Teaching Teams and classmates as they design and develop computer games using p5.js, a JavaScript library for creative coding. With virtual classrooms hosted by top companies like MetLife, Bank of America, Logitech, and Synchrony, SIP offers students an intimate look at the tech industry through corporate partner engagements.

Self-Paced Program

Students seeking a flexible schedule this summer will love Girls Who Code's six-week Self-Paced Program for coders interested in various computer science topics. Participants work independently through self-guided, project-based modules, exploring courses in Web Development, Cybersecurity, and – new for 2024! – Data Science + AI. Students can follow Girls Who Code’s recommended learning pathways or build their own while finding support and question help in Girls Who Code’s Discord server and optional Student Hours.

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